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photo by  Lisa Bretherick

You want to thrive but don’t know what advice to follow?

I hear you.

It is simple, right? Get enough sleep, eat nutritious foods and incorporate exercise. Easy? Yeah, right!

We, as women, do not inherently put ourselves first which means our health is not a priority.

I am here to change that and to work with you to make informed decisions and empowered choices.



Hi, I am Alison Barker.

I work as a Registered Nutritional Therapist.

In my practice, I guide women like you (and couples) to cut through the 'nutrition noise' to create balance in your mind, body, soul and heart and help you to connect with yourself and other women.

I work to bring an awareness to the way women relate to food to cultivate joy in their choices and their life.

I will work with you to provide you with the tools and framework to tap into your inner vitality, which is available to all of us, to thrive in your journey.

Every lady I work with is an individual and I seek to honour that and work to create a plan which addresses YOUR well being vision and works within YOUR unique circumstances.

This blog is where I will share my expertise as a Nutritional Therapist and mother to support a more conscious way of living and connecting with other women, and ourselves, on a deeper level.

Photo by  Lisa Bretherick

My Story


During the latter stages of my pregnancy, I found out my daughter was in the breech position. The full birth story is here. It was at this time that my intuition really kicked in. I felt a higher force guiding me. I trusted myself and, with the support of wonderful, skilled and experienced independent midwives, went on to have a beautiful, transformative, home birth.

I believe motherhood is a spiritual journey and an opportunity for deep transformative growth.

I felt empowered in making informed choices and being guided by my inner voice. It is that sense of empowerment I want to help you cultivate. You have so much power but, in our busy lives, there is little room for listening, or knowing, our inner voice.

I embarked on motherhood without any family close by and, after 2 weeks of paternity leave, my husband returned to work in the City of London. I didn't receive much help and, importantly, didn't ask for help.

I approached motherhood in the same masculine way of my former life as a lawyer. It wasn't until 14 months postpartum when I developed a Stage 3 uterine prolapse that my body said it had had enough.

I had not connected with, or nurtured, the new person I had become.

I realised if you don’t listen to your body’s own whispers, the body will scream for attention.

I set about a healing path which involved re-discovering and connecting with the new me, the mother, with self care, self love, compassion and kindness. I strongly believe healing involves a triad of 3 pillars; physical, emotional and spiritual.

Change is possible for you.

I wish I had had this knowledge prior to starting my motherhood journey. I wish I had had a hand to hold during that difficult process of reconnecting with myself.

Let me be that hand to hold you.

I love to share what I have learnt on this journey together with my training as a nutritional therapist. I address common themes of mother guilt so you can bring yourself front and centre in your health journey.

I am incredibly honoured to work with you in this sacred window of your life.

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Photos by  Lisa Bretherick

Photos by Lisa Bretherick