Organic Blueberries - PYO


We have had a lovely weekend in Dorset picking organic blueberries from

Trehane Nurseries

I first learnt of this farm when I was gifted a set of organic blueberry bushes from my mum for Christmas one year. It is hard (or impossible for me at least) to find organic PYO so I was thrilled to discover this place. They are not registered organic but they are grown without reliance upon fertilisers or pesticides. Josh who owns the farm is incredibly helpful and friendly so do contact him if you have any queries.

2017 has been a soggy summer for the UK and it feels like Autumn has crept in before the summer has taken a bow out. More rain was predicted for last weekend when we had planned to go camping to pick our own blueberries, but we were not deterred. Once Trehane confirmed that they would be open come rain or shine, we packed all our waterproofs and hit the road.

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We now have 4 big punnets of blueberries in our freezer (all for £26) decanted into freezer bags so they can be used during the winter months. My daughter really enjoyed picking the blueberries and complied with our request not to eat any until we had paid for them. The organic blueberries we find in the supermarket are often imported from Spain, or elsewhere in Europe, so have travelled hundreds of miles to reach us. They will also have been sprayed, I suspect, to preserve them and are packaged in plastic containers.

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By picking ours, we support a local business and have the freshest blueberries. We do have our own blueberry plants, as I mentioned above, but they did not yield any blueberries this year for some reason.. I am not sure if the birds and squirrels got there first but we are hoping for a better haul next year. However there would still never be enough blueberries to match the amount we collected this weekend so it was a worthwhile and enjoyable trip.


There were 6 different varieties as shown in the photo above. We just picked a mixture of all the blueberries.