Birth trauma conference 2019

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I am so grateful for the opportunity to speak at #birthtrauma18 - thank you Dr. Rebecca Moore for inviting me to talk about nutrition and wellbeing in the postpartum period - I could talk about this all day.

I finally got to meet Instagram ladies I am truly inspired by Mumologist, Emma , Anya of Mothers Wellness Toolkit and Sakina of Tranquil Birth and others. There was a brilliant theatre piece called #wildaboutbirth by Kate Villa and Laura Mugridge at which I loved. I laughed and almost cried. A bit like rollercoaster of motherhood.

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You may not believe that a year ago I was still terribly anxious about public speaking - like so terrified I couldn't and wouldn't do it. Even to a small group of people. I  really wanted to address this as I knew my new career would require this. I do love to speak so I so wanted to conquer it. I worked with an amazing EFT therapist who uses matrix reimprinting and went back to the incident in my past which gave rise to the fear and worked to release the fear. It worked!! I still feel a little nervous like most people but once I am up I am fine. This fear has hung over me all my life so, now I am free of it, I am so grateful.

I am so filled with hope that things will change for our kids in terms of birth and postpartum. Thanks to all the amazing attendees today - so inspirational. Deep gratitude to Dr. Rebecca Moore for organising the event. It was wonderful.