Health Goals vs. Values

Photo by  Lisa Bretherick

When I was writing for my website I pondered the phrase "health goals". 

It can mean we are always projecting our gaze into the future. Working towards our "goals" only can mean we are rejecting where we are NOW.

Can we get so obsessed with our goal that we lose track of our purpose? 

Health is something you might value. It is not really a goal. You can't cross it off a list and say "I'm done". It is dynamic. As a value, health becomes part of your belief system and it’s something you can work on and nurture right NOW.

Goals scream of the continual cycle of setting goals, being motivated, forgetting or losing focus on the goal, recommitting and starting over. It is exhausting and doesn't fill many people with joy. New year gym bunnies!

Values are not something we can cross off our list. We nurture them. They are part of us. If we focus on our inner driven soul vision, it is more grounding as we are not focusing on a lack mentality - intrinsic of an external goal. Things we value then elicit certain behaviours. Self compassion, self love and patience with ourselves as we value our health and nurture it.

What does optimal wellbeing mean to you? Being the best version of you in your WHOLE self - mind, body and spirit  — is the freedom to live your life to the fullest, to explore, to move, to laugh and aspire to grow. Having energy, balanced mood and feeling great.

I like to start with establishing a WELLNESS VISION with clients which sets the stage for our work together. I am all about empowering the women I work with. Lasting, sustainable changes made from the inside.

A wellness vision is a compelling version of your best self.

I will cover a little more about my approach to a wellness vision in the context of women’s health journeys in the next post.