My favourite thing to suggest to clients is to get their calendars and create white space in them..schedule it in. Ironic that we have to schedule in space to do nothing. It seems to be the only way for most people (and me) to break habits of busyness.

By creating space we allow room for other things... Joy, connection to ourselves, connection to our families, connection to the outside world - space to look up and expand our perspective, space to create, space to remember what we love to do, space for healing, self awareness, breathing.

The world can feel so constricted when we are rushing from one thing to another.

Spaciousness gives the gift of expansion. The world is much more expansive than we realise when in the daily grind mindset.

But why do we all seem to have so little spaciousness in our schedules? 

I think it can feel uncomfortable. Shouldn't we be *doing* something? Or what will I have to deal with if I stop and be still.

But the feeling of spaciousness can be so beautiful. Once we let go of the *shoulds*. 

I love nothing better than reading a book on an evening in the bath, rather than being out. My part introvert self loves the permissiveness that parenting gives me to decline busy social engagements and spend time alone.

We are very intentional as a family with what we plan and commit to on weekends and evenings. Such a change to our pre-kid days. We were booked for months (literally) in advance and prided ourselves on this.

I believe spaciousness is really important in pregnancy and motherhood. In pregnancy, the fatigue and general tiredness may be what we need to experience, on some level, to encourage us to slow down and change gears. It also creates space in our lives to grow a little human. If leaned into, spaciousness is pregnancy is good preparation for the fourth trimester when spaciousness is so useful in allowing time for healing, recovery and bonding. 

Spaciousness in motherhood can be the antidote to overwhelm. Also applied to our children's lives, spaciousness can be so useful for connecting with our children and allowing them space to play and just "be" and even to experience boredom - a good article on the benefits of boredom for kids is here.

If we want to see a change to our current *doing* culture, we need to foster this need for spaciousness in our kids' lives so they grow to see this as a necessary, non negotiable, part of their wellbeing.