The birth of a newborn mother

There are 2 newly born souls on this beautiful painting by Chloe Trayhurn.

They BOTH need tender loving care. The new baby AND the new mother.

In Moroccan culture, there is a word for the new mother, the NAFSA. How amazing that there is a word for her.

She is honoured, nourished, cared for and closed. So much ritual and nurturing.

The Nafsa's grave is said to be open for 40 days - this being the time she is most vulnerable. I loved all of the knowledge you shared on the summit @__layla__b thank you ūüôŹ

Let's continue the #postpartumrevolution and make societal change, one mother at a time

Taking a dish of food round for new parents is a great start or doing some if things I posted in my previous post.