Trust yourself

Photo Lisa Bretherick

Photo Lisa Bretherick

So many of us lose our connection to self as mothers.

We turn outwards for answers. Google, Instagram, blogs, other mothers... 

The same with diet culture. Some "expert" always *knows* what is best for us or our babies.
We are conditioned not to trust ourselves.

I spent most of my first year of motherhood stuck in my head with worry about pretty much everything.

That feeling when you *know* in your heart or stomach that something feels aligned or otherwise, trust that. 

Our gut = second brain.

Our heads are where we generate the chaos and fear.

Our hearts cultivate joy and love and they are WITHIN us so we dissociate with the noise around us and feel our way with more grace and peace.

When I feel myself getting too much in my head, I know I need to get back downstairs to my heart. It is like a little gremlin moves back to head space thinking. 

Finding stillness helps with this.

When working with women, I help to focus on taking action from the ūüíďand practices you can adopt to align with this.

Once I started doing this, my life has really taken off and I am infinitely happier for it.

By feeling our way forwards instead of thinking our way forwards it can be a more joyous journey. Less a race. More a gentle amble.