Why women's health is suffering - lack of connection

Post 4 in the series of why women's health is suffering - lack of women's circles/social interactions.

Women have been communing in circles throughout the ages. Sometimes in secret, but always with the intention of bearing loving witness to the lives of their sisters offering support, wisdom and strength.

Women have largely lost this means of support in the modern world. I have written before about a paper by Shelley Taylor which talks of women's innate need to "tend and befriend" as a means of dealing with stress, rather than "fight or flight" as we have come to understand (paper: - I can send to anyone interested).

We need our girlfriends to hold the space. We need elders to be our supporting pillars weaving their wisdom into the fabric of our beings and that of our families. •

Studies show that the interactions you have on a daily basis (whether strong or weak - even the postman/checkout lady) are one of the strongest indicators of how long you will live. Note this is face to face interactions NOT Facebook connections. Look for the TED talk by Susan Pinker on this.

In modern day life, women are typically not getting their physiological and emotional needs met. I believe this has a profound impact on our health.

The days I am alone with 2 kids are always my most challenging days. I feel such a calming, restorative presence when I share my day with other women. I have realised this and try to meet this need but it takes effort.

Things are changing, as I have said before. Women are rising up. The Red Rent movement is gathering pace and mothering circles are springing up in my area - hopefully elsewhere, too.

If we can be aware of how we can meet our needs, then set about meeting those needs, it can have a positive impact on our health and society in general and will set the stage for our children to have this support. This is my vision for my daughters. 🙏❤️