Why women's health is suffering - overwhelm


#Post 2 of 10 in the series why women's health is suffering - OVERWHELM

This picture speaks to it. We are all spinning lots of plates managing the home, our relationships, our kids (if we have them), pets, possibly work and everything in between.

Journalist Brigid Schulte coined the phrase “the overwhelm” - perpetually being behind on our obligations.

I listened to a Postpartum summit by @__layla__b recently. It was excellent. Most of the speakers spoke to the difficulty European mothers, specifically, had in asking for help. This definitely applied (and still applies) to me.

Maybe the first wake up call is admitting we can't do it all on our own. The second is accepting help with grace, not a sense of failure.

I read an article where someone said "You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you help someone?... Well, when you don’t ask for help and take it, you are taking away that feeling from someone." I know that is true in my life as my relationship with my mother in law has deepened in the most beautiful way since I asked, and accepted, help.

The motherhood path has been one of softening, tenderness and connection for me. A lesson my daughter has taught me, and for which I am deeply grateful. The world needs more of this transformation

We need to disassociate vulnerability from disempowerment. Stand in our power. Otherwise, our health will suffer.