Why women's health is suffering - we don't listen to our bodies

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We berate our bodies for their signs and symptoms, rather than truly see them for what they really are.

Signs and symptoms (illness and disease) can be seen as a blessing (although difficult to see when you are in the thick of it), because they are trying to teach us what needs to change. They are trying to guide us back to our own truth. To live in balance with ourselves and our environment.

If our bodies had a fever or we start coughing and sneezing then we can read this as a sign we need to rest and boost our immune system. Our bodies may, however, send more subtle signals like weight gain, painful cramps around our period, mood swings/irritability - but would we know what this indicates, or even think something warrants investigation? Often women don't recognise the root of these symptoms as hormone imbalance. It is rife.

Symptoms of PMS have become normalised - they may be common but they are NOT normal.

Conventional tests may not cover the full picture so you may be told - all is well when you know, in your heart, you are not thriving. Functional tests can dig deeper but they are not typically available under the NHS at the moment.

Most of us have forgotten how good our bodies are designed to feel.

Looking at basic things like sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, mental attitude, hydration, and supplements is key to bringing our bodies into balance.

Try keeping a journal of any symptoms you may be experiencing then work with a practitioner to analyse this alongside functional testing to come up with a plan.