Why women's health is suffering - we give our power away

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Post 6 - why women's health is suffering

We give our POWER away

By that I mean we ignore or disconnect from our inner knowing, our inner pilot. That "gut feeling"

Once I started listening to my gut, my life has flourished •

My biggest bug 🐻 is people giving their power away in pregnancy. I hear the words I wasn't "allowed' to x, y , z.. I was told my only option for delivering my breech baby was C-section. I trusted my inner voice and had the most beautiful home birth. Your body. Your baby. Your choice.

People don't even realise scans are optional. I chose not to have any scans this time. Personal preference, not the right option for everyone. There is a study looking at the safety of scans which I can send if anyone is interested. I had so many scans with my first baby. •

I think this process of handing our power away starts in pregnancy and then continues. It can have a real impact on mothers health in postpartum. We can be left feeling disempowered, broken mentally and physically. See excellent article in my stories on the infantalizing of pregnant women.

Then there are gender biases in our medical system. Lots of women suffer pain, in fact it is thought that around 80% of chronic pain impacts women, yet most of the studies are conducted on male mice or male humans?!

One of the few studies to research gender differences in the experience of pain found that women tend to feel it more of the time and more intensely than men.(Pubmed: 22245360) It may be down to our physiological make up and hormones. Other studies have suggested women's perception of pain changes during her menstrual cycle.

Menstrual pain. Is yours taken seriously? Dr Annalise Weckesser said it can be written off as hysteria. Endometriosis can give rise to debilitating pain but can take 7 years for women to get a diagnosis.

I believe women suffer trauma from not being seen and heard. Internalising their symptoms which only serves to further their pain on a physical and emotional level.

I love to listen to my clients and really hear them. If you have any symptoms that need to be addressed, please pursue this and find the right practitioner to support you.