Word of the Year 2019 - TRUST


At this time of year, I like to choose a word to frame the coming year ahead - to keep my focus on what matters to me and my family. I much prefer this over a New Year's resolution which more often than not just sets us up for failure. Choosing a word for the year requires a level of mindfulness and intention by focusing on my own self development and what is important to us.

By choosing a word for the year it becomes my mantra and a way to guide me back to my truth. I like to look at my actions throughout the year and gently guide them back to my word of the year to see if I am in alignment with my vision.

My word for 2018 was PATIENCE. With the welcoming of a new baby into our family, I wanted patience to be my mantra.

Patience with myself (in my matrescence journey/motherhood transformation second time round).

Patience with my eldest daughter while she adjusted to the huge change in family dynamics.

Patience with my business which can only grow at a slow pace given my choice to be a full time mum.

Patience with family members who I called upon to support us and who often do things differently to us.

I have not always remained true to patience as I have been challenged more than I could have imagined. That is the beauty of a word of the year, though, as it offers flexibiiity. There is no pass or fail. It has always in the background gently woven into the fabric of my day.

This year my word is TRUST.

It came to me fairly quick this year. I initially tried to resist it as it felt a little scary but I know it is right for this year.

Trust my inner voice – trust me - we have big plans as a family this year (I can't wait to share this with you in the New Year) and trust is integral to this process as we don’t really know how it our life will plan out- we are jumping off the cliff but I trust it will all work out. I want to trust myself, trust my inner guidance when the mind chatter instills fear or when others question our choices.

Trust is also relevant to my business. I have slowly stepped out of the shadows this year – anyone who follows me will have seen more of my face on my social media feed. I also have been more open on my posts. I am still getting clear on my offering and how I can best serve women in my role as a Nutritional Therapist but I know I need to trust myself and not follow what I feel I *should* be doing. Prepare to see more of me in 2019!

Trust that my body knows what it needs in terms of food and movement.

Trust that my kids are learning all they need to in our home schooling journey.

Trust that I can build a community of like minded people who learn, support and nourish one another and ultimately serve women so they can show up each day feeling whole and loved. This is my grand vision.

Trust that I can stop and rest and reflect without always needing to be * doing* (I struggle with this one)

Overall trust that I have all of the answers I need inside of me – cultivating a feeling of empowerment rather than surrendering to someone else. This is going to require some work from me to dig deep into specific limiting beliefs and then learning to release those to make way for new opportunities.

I also would like Trust to be incorporated in women's health-care. After reading Maya Dusenbury's excellent book Doing Harm and speaking to her on Episode 3 of the Podcast, it is more evident to me than ever before that we, as a collective society, and specifically medical professionals/therapists, need to listen and trust women's testimony in relation to their health concerns.

Trust is going to take practice and I will let you know how I get on as the year progresses.

I would love to hear what your word of the year is.