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It does not matter if you are a first time Mother or an experienced Mother - we ALL need support during the transition into (or into, again) motherhood.

The journey starts at the minimum 3-6 months before conception and ultimately never really ‘ends’ as Postpartum is a period of time, not a syndrome. I see it as infinite therefore I would be honoured to support you at any stage of your journey.

As Mothers, our own health is not prioritised when we are called to take care of our little ones, our families, and our careers.

Imbalances can take time to take root; left unchecked, they can impact the wellbeing of ourselves and that of our families. 

I believe in the healing powers of food, nutrition and lifestyle choices - to help you RECOVER and REBALANCE in order to live be the best version of you.

Photo by  Lisa Bretherwic k

Photo by Lisa Bretherwick


My approach is to work to guide you as to how to connect what you eat to how you feel. Your inner compass can then be your guide to making food choices that give you energy, keep your emotions balanced, and sustain you through the long days, and nights, of motherhood. It is the long game I am here to support you with.

I want you to get that YOU are your own healer. I am there as your guide to support you and be your cheerleader - with commitment and patience you can restore balance to your life, your body, your mind and your energy.

I work to get to the root of what is going on in your body, not just label the symptoms or dis-ease.

My key skills are listening to your full story and remaining curious - I am all about the why.

I want you to end your journey with me with life-enhancing skills and habits instilled ready to step into your highest self.

Photo by  Lisa Bretherick

I work to put YOU at the centre of the wellbeing plan - I look at how your health history and your thoughts and mindset affect food relations within your body and mind. 

I recognise that to thrive as mothers, nutrition goes beyond the foods we eat. I focus on the HOW. That may involve looking at the external support systems - where you can source your food to establish a deep connection with its provenance and the nutritious qualities it brings to your body and how we can make cooking an enjoyable part of your family’s life. I want food to be joyous for you, not a chore.

I think we can be full of good intentions with stocking the pantry and getting the recipe books but often there is a disconnect and the food doesn’t make it to your plate. I will look at how we can make food sensory experience - looking at herbs and spices and kitchen equipment that can support your journey.

I spend time observing, inquiring. My main skill is listening to you, YOUR story, YOUR history and YOUR wellbeing vision.

We work through assumptions and obstacles so I can support you through times of internal resistance or frustration.

I aim to hold you accountable to reach your health vision.

I plan to be a trusted member of your support team for your fertility, pregnancy and postpartum journeys and beyond into motherhood.

I provide you with action steps with tracking and accountability - down-to-earth advice and recommendations for improved health.

  • Discover what beliefs and behaviours might be holding you back from achieving your health vision, and how to move through them.

  • Coach you from a position of love and not fear.

  • Coach you with compassion to help you achieve your goal.

  • We stay open to modifications and remain flexible as we learn how to tap into your inner wisdom and access your greatest health.

Compliance to both the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy codes of conduct and ethics.

Photo by  Lisa Bretherick


  • You are motivated and committed to your wellbeing and ready to make changes on a physical and emotional level – particularly mindset work.

  • You want a Registered Nutritional Therapist who will truly listen - someone who is on your team - collaboration with your whole team is key.

  • Progress motivates you but you aren’t expecting results overnight.

  • Whether you are trying to conceive, have just found out you are pregnant, about to give birth, already in the postpartum period, or are a mum further into your journey and feeling exhausted and depleted, I will tailor my plan to meet your individual circumstances. This is the benefit of seeing a Nutritional Therapist.

I am currently based in London, in the UK, but work with ladies all over the world. I offer Zoom calls so I can fit in with time-differences and work schedules.

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What I need from you

  • Become clear on who you desire to become and set your intention and vision to work towards this.

  • Allow me to be your support and accountability partner to hold your vision and hold space for you in the process.

  • With my support, a desire to take a deep look at the foods and products you are consuming and lifestyle choices/patterns which may be driving those choices.

  • Know in your heart that you are capable, worthy and enough. More than enough.