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About Keli

Keli Garza has a Masters degree in International Development graduating cum laude. Garza is the owner of Steamy Chick the largest distributor of vaginal steam supplies in the United States. To further vaginal steam education Garza founded a branch of her company called the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute to train practitioners in the use of vaginal steam for menstrual and reproductive health and to further research on the gynecological benefits reported by hundreds of customer case studies. Garza is at the forefront of professionalizing vaginal steam into an alternative medicine field known as peristeam hydrotherapy.

Episode highlights

This episode is for information purposes and does not constitute advice. Please speak to your medical provider before trying vaginal steaming. For the avoidance of doubt, it should absolutely in certain circumstances including when pregnant or when taking certain contraceptives - this is discussed in the Podcast and other contraindications are set out on Keli’s website although this may not be exhaustive.

In this Episode we discuss

  • How Keli found vaginal steaming at a Korean spa and how it brought a ‘healthy’ period for her and what this looked like.

  • After her first child she realised vaginla steam could be used in postpartum - this is when she realised how important the practice was.

  • How Keli’s business Steamy Chick began.

  • What health issues vaginal steaming may be able to support including some success stories based on anecdotal experiences from Keli’s clients.

  • The various online resources and courses Keli offers through Steamy Chick in hydristeam therapy including training courses.

  • The studies looking at vaginal steaming - they are currently in Chinese and Korean and require translating.

  • Keli’s understanding of the cleaning mechanism of the uterus and how that is impeded by tampons.

  • Keli’s view on when vaginal steaming should not be carried/contraindications. However, please do check with your medical provider before trying vaginal steaming.

  • The 4th trimester research project Keli is leading which is currently at feasibility stage.

  • Postpartum care and the information which is lacking in this critical period and the various stages of recovery and healing including uterine prolapse.

  • We discuss Maya Dusenbury’s book Doing Harm - I talked to Maya in Episode 2 of the Podcast - you can listen here.

  • How vaginal steaming is an ancient remedy used around the globe.

  • How vaginal steaming is said to address women’s individual health issues based on herbs used and steaming protocol.

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