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About Sara

Sara Tasker is a photographer, writer and creative coach - she is the creator of Me & Orla and an author to the recently released book, Hashtag Authentic.

Sara left her NHS day job to turn her internet passion into a business. She travels the world for speaking work, runs a multiple six-figure business and helps other creatives. She was awarded runner up for Natwest’s Creative Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and won Content of the Year in the Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards in April 2018. Sara’s work has been featured in The Guardian, The Independent, Buzzfeed, Stylist Magazine, Mother & Baby and on BBC Radio 4. (You can see more of her writing and press features here.)

Her new podcast with @jencarrington went straight to number one in the iTunes business chart and she has just started writing a column for @inthemomentmagazine.

Sara lives in rural Yorkshire, England with her husband and daughter, Orla.

Episode highlights

  • Sara used to work in paediatric speech therapy for children with Autism and also for a school for children with learning disabilities - nothing to do with current job but at its heart she says it is all about communication. While her former work helped kids have a voice, Instagram helps all of us all have a voice.

  • Sara’s new book is reaching out to a brand new audience - Sara talks about how this is terrifying but she is pushing through to the other side, where the good stuff is waiting for her. #feelthefearanddoitanyway

  • Sara talks about her growth on Instagram.

  • Sara talks about the connection you feel when you meet people from the IG community in real life.

  • No one could easily find Sara on Instagram, as she wasn’t using her real name so it meant she could be herself more and not worry about being judged.

  • Instagram has given women the opportunity to have a voice.

  • Sara’s theory is that the mainstream press is so negative about social media because they are threatened by all the free content that is put out there. Not a place from concern for the reader but from a jealous boyfriend perspective.

  • Sara discusses how to navigate social media in a conscious way - comes down to boundaries. Knowing how to hit block, unfollow (bringing negative energy), avoiding trolls. Sara advises not to outsource our happiness. Consider what elements of the online community is taking your power away. Power to see what we want to see - see graphic births online now - the power of the consumer.

  • If we were still in the village community you would see women give birth - we want to see it, same applies to breastfeeding.

  • Sara almost missed out on breastfeeding as don't have that village support where someone would just grab you and show you how to latch - the internet is providing this now with You Tube videos.

  • Sara’s favourite IG post - ones that really sparked conversations; one of how was much she earned in the previous year. Money is such a vulnerable topic. The most liked post was Sara’s Christmas tree on her car with beautiful fairy lights.

  • Sara’s tips for finding your passion - what are the things you are super passionate about and what do people need in the world.  We still have a Victorian work ethic where work is seen as hard work and painful. There is joy in following your passion.

  • Book Launch: Signing - Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Bristol. Sarah has Podcast guests on the stage with her, which will be recorded.

  • Book deal - publisher approached Sara as they wanted an IG book,. Sara said she did experience self doubt - but she knew that if she didn’t do it, someone else would. It took 18 months to write it. It has now been released.

  • She has started to put her whole self out there. Sara noted that it’s not so bad and the posts that feel the scariest to share often have some magic in there and resonates the most with people.

  • Sara noted that it is a fine line between not wanting to share something because it is private and don't want to share it because I am scared. They feel the same but are very different.

  • Sara said it comes down to how many people are needed to make your business viable. Is 1,000 followers enough so you can engage with all those followers. Then you can answer all the DMs. Just trust the process. Your worth is not linked to the number of followers. People can clean out their followers, if no one has liked your post. Its enough although to have people who want to engage in a different way.

  • We often think that the number of followers = happiness, self-worth. Self worth is tied up in those numbers - it’s dangerous as you don’t own those numbers, it can be taken away.

Favourite food = Christmas dinner

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Sara’s website is here

Sara’s Instagram is here

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Sara’s new book Hashtag Authentic is available to buy here.

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