Minimalism as a mother

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Beth Henson is a home schooling mother of 2 who has embarked on a journey of minimalism in her family life and home. She has started a blog to document her journey.

Beth talks about her journey into minimalism as a mother.

Taken from Beth’s blog:

Two years ago, spurred on by an endless desire to gain more time with my family and for myself, I made the decision to simplify our lives. This in turn led to getting rid of 80% of our belongings and finding a better version of us. The us that was buried underneath all of our stuff, stuff that we later realised, we didn’t even want or need. The belongings in our home were taking up so much of my energy, energy that I didn’t have at the end of the day to play with my children, or focus on the things that I loved, there was always too much to do. Thanks to minimalism we now have the space and time to spend mostly as we please and this is by far the greatest gift that simplifying has given us.

Episode highlights

  • We didn’t just declutter our things when we simplified. We decluttered our time, our beliefs and our priorities and were left with only what really mattered. We were left with us. By taking away the excess we had the space to find out more about ourselves and each other, what we liked and disliked, what our hearts were made of and who we really were - without all of the stuff getting in our way. We discovered that without a life full of things we could have a life full of life and that has been the biggest and best surprise of all.

  • Instead of focusing on what Beth was getting rid of she focused on where she wanted to get to and how she wanted to feel.

  • Study found that clutter restricts your ability to focus.

  • Feng Shui believes clutter creates stagnant energy that keeps you trapped. Healthy energy is moving energy. Stuck energy can lead to overwhelm, frustration, exhaustion and can lead to avoiding seeing/inviting friends over so can impact our social life.

  • Clutter creates so much stimuli it can be difficult to focus on what you should be doing.

  • We all have a chaos threshold as Suzy Reading discusses in her book - clearing frees up a lot of energy.

  • Cait Flanders discusses in her book 2 categories of ‘things’ - stuff she uses and stuff she didn’t use but the ideal version of herself would use.

  • The Konmari method of tidying and only keeping things which bring you JOY.

  • Beth and the kids’ capsule wardrobe and how she puts a small wash on each day so the limited clothes they do have are back in circulation.

  • Communicating minimalism to family and friends and how Beth approaches receiving gifts into her house for her kids.

  • How Beth deals with minimalism on a daily basis - avoiding shops.

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