Nourishing new mothers in Paris

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Sophie is a mum to 2 boys and runs Nourish Paris with her husband. Sophie Lazarski started Nourish Paris when she moved to Paris from the UK. She recognised the distinct lack of care mothers received in the sacred window after giving birth. She used her love of cooking to serve women in her community by delivering home cooked, nourishing foods to mothers and their families in the postpartum time.

Episode highlights

  • Sophie discusses how her business, Nourish Paris, began and evolved.

  • The beautiful testimonials on Sophie's website from mothers who have ordered her postpartum food packages.

  • The qualities of food that go beyond nutrients.

  • The lack of focus on the new mother.

  • The mother-care community in Paris.

  • The web of connections Sophie and others in the community are building so mothers have an established support network after their babies are born.

  • Self care practices as busy mothers.

  • The desire expressed by some of her postpartum clients to have 1,000 calorie meals to try and lose their baby weight.

  • The importance of nourishing the new mother to facilitate healing and the increased energetic demands of breastfeeding and motherhood.

  • How the father can adopt the important role of providing food to the mother at a time when he may be still be finding his way in his new role.

Relevant links

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Facebook @NourishParis


Diana Powell-Bodrone - the midwife/lactation consultant mentioned in the Episode.