Motherhood, Intuition and Spirituality

Punam is a practising family doctor in Glasgow with a specialist interest in Public health, preventative and lifestyle Medicine.

Punam is also a certified mindset coach, an honorary senior clinical lecturer at the University of Glasgow, a freelance writer and most importantly, to her, a mum. 

Episode highlights

  • Punam’s traumatic birth experience.

  • Punam’s sense that something was not right with her son - he later stopped breathing and was diagnosed with silent reflux.

  • Punam’s relocation from London to Scotland to be with her family - the importance of family and connection to her matrescence.

  • The basic needs of a newborn are also the same needs of a newborn mother.

  • Punam’s spiritual journey as a mother - seeing the world through a different lens.

  • How Punam attends to her own self care.

Relevant links

Punam’s website is here

Punam is on: Twitter @DrPunamKrishan and Instagram @DrPunamKrishan