Hypnobirthing, Flexible working and Minimalism

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About Emiliana

Emiliana is the founder of The Mindful Birth Group®, mama to Mollie and Theo and married to James. They are an adventure-loving family and travel is one of their favourite things to do together. So much so that she recently had a van converted into a campervan to make seeing the world that bit easier. Emiliana has started teaching parents all around Europe when they are on trips, so she feels very fortunate to be able to mix her passions together.

Emiliana’s journey with hypnobirthing started with the yesmum® and The Calm Birth School when she had my two babies. Emiliana is now a certified Katherine Graves's hypnobirthing teacher and a Yesmum® birth project affiliate teacher.

They are also a minimalist family and live with passion and joy staying true to their family vision and spending quality time together as a family and following their passions.


Episode highlights

  • The Mindful Birth Group - TMBG

  • The role of Dads in hypnobirthing

  • Mindfulness in pregnancy

  • Emiliana’s career change in motherhood from corporate world to her own business

  • Flexible working and her key values

  • Emiliana’s changed family lifestyle to accommodate time together

  • Van life in The Jubel Explorer

  • Networking as a mumpreneur

  • Emiliana’s minimalist lifestyle and the changes they have made to spend more family time together


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TMBG Website Instagram

Jubel Explorer - Van Life Instagram


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