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About Hannah

Hannah is mum to Alice and Henry and lives with her husband Nick in Christchurch, New Zealand. She has worked in Human Resources for the past 13 years, within the health, media and manufacturing/design industries. She has a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Psychology) and a PG Dip in Human Resources Management.

When Hannah became a Mum, she was amazed to learn that there were very few solutions for dealing with some of the everyday challenges that being a mother presented. She knew that she wasn’t alone when struggling to deal with mum guilt, feelings of inadequacies and feeling a little disconnected to her husband. She longed for tips and advice; what she says she needed was an HR manager of her own to guide her through this new role. The Kite App was then born.

Episode highlights

  • Hannah’s journey into motherhood

  • Hannah’s experience of birth trauma

  • Hannah’s diagnosis of bi-polar disorder and signs and symptoms - why it was challenging to identify the warning signs

  • The impact on her relationship with her husband

  • How mental health issues affected Hannah’s confidence

  • Hannah’s healing second birth

  • The Kite App and how it began

  • The results of a survey conducted by Hannah - mother’s identified issues with sleep/overwhelm/disconnection from their partners/lack of time for themselves

  • The practical solutions offered by The Kite App

  • Programmes within Kite for mums of teenagers

  • The mother village in the context of mums of teenagers

  • The future of Kite

  • The positive story of Hannah and how, notwithstanding being diagnosed, and living, with bi-polar disorder, you can still follow your dreams

About The Kite App

The Kite App takes you through 14 mini programs that we affectionately call “Kites”. These are on a range of personal development topics that are specific challenges of mum life. These include sleep, stress management, relationships, mum guilt and coping with the juggle- to name just a few. There is even a “mum friendly” technology detox. You create your own journey, stopping and starting Kites as you wish - it’s as easy as that!

Why a Kite?

The kite is a wonderful analogy for mum life. We spend all of our time and efforts helping our kids fly their kites high. So much so that we often leave our own kites on the ground, whilst we truly deserve to be soaring too. There is nothing more beautiful than a strong powerful kite flying gracefully in the sky, and that is why we feel the concept so perfectly describes what this program endeavours to do for all Mums.

Being a Mum is hard work, that’s why we have created this beautiful app to support you on your journey and provide you with the resources you need to be successful.

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