Maternal care for black women


About Mars Lord

Mars Lord is passionate about birth and about women having and making informed choices. She became a doula because she believes that birth is a wonderful thing and can be a wonderful time. As a mother of 5 (including twins) she knows that even when it doesn’t seem to go the way that we want it to, it can still be an incredible experience. It should be your incredible experience.

Mars has a special place in my heart for clients who:

• Love a good glass of red and a great meal
• Love to laugh and talk
• Love to sing and dance
• Love to look outside the box
• Love a good book
• Love the theatre

Episode highlights

  • Statistics on black mortality

  • Birth Time trailer post on Facebook - lack of representation on a post

  • Prejudice Mars has experienced

  • Diversity in the context of black women

  • What action can we take to address this?

  • Mars appearance on Woman’s Hour

  • The “Wethering effect” introduced by Arline Geronimus

  • The impact of racism on black women in maternity care

  • Intergenerational trauma

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