Pelvic Floor and Women's Physical Health Postpartum

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About Wendy

Wendy Powell is a globally recognised leading voice offering education and inspiration on postnatal issues and body confidence.

Certified postnatal specialist, international speaker, award winning entrepreneur, author and teacher, she is founder and Director of world best-selling online programme MUTU® System and accredited education provider MUTU Pro. MUTU is trusted by more than 54,000 women and is recommended by medical health professionals around the world.

After more than 17 years working in this specialist field, Wendy’s work is grounded in the belief that ‘Every woman deserves the dignity of a body that works and that makes her feel good’.


Episode highlights

  • Wendy’s birth experience and how this informed her development of the MUTU System

  • Pelvic Floor Health and the role of kegels

  • The lack of support women in the UK receive post baby

  • The body as a whole and not defined by its component parts

  • The role alignment and breathing play in pelvic floor health

  • Body confidence and the damaging view perpetuated by society of getting your body back after your baby.

  • Self love in recovering your health post baby

  • The MUTU online programme

  • Taking control of your physical health before physical symptoms of imbalance develop

  • Wendy gives advice for returning to exercise post baby

  • The benefit of community for mothers

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