Birth trauma

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About Dr. Rebecca Moore

Dr. Moore is a renowned Perinatal Psychiatrist working in London. With over 20 years of clinical experience working with women during pregnancy and the postpartum period.  Dr. Rebecca Moore specialises in working with women with depression, anxiety, birth trauma or PTSD, OCD and psychosis. Dr. Moore also works with women with PMDD and through the menopause or through Infertility. Dr. Moore’s focus is to provide high quality compassionate, collaborative care for women and their families. 

Dr. Moore is also an Integrative Practitioner Cofounder of @birthbetter and loves to podcast, write and teach. 

Dr. Moore likes to understand and take time to  focus on the whole story including exercise, eating well, blood testing and supplementation, stress management, meditation, social networks and supports as a key part of her treatment approach. 

Dr. Moore is featured in the following books Rebecca Schillers' No Guilt Pregnancy Plan, The Mother Book, Bridget Hargreaves' Fine Not Fine and The Mother of All Jobs. She has contributed to pieces in the national press and appeared on Victoria Derbyshire, BBC London News and Channel 5 news. 

Episode highlights

  • What is birth trauma.

  • The power of words and kindness in mother-care.

  • The importance of holding space for people processing their birth experience.

  • Talking about our birth experiences.

  • How Dr. Moore practices self-care and the importance of doing so.

  • Journalling as a therapeutic tool.

  • Resources for seeking help including Make Birth Better and Postpartum International

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