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About Karen

Karen Brody is a mother, women’s health advocate and founder of Daring to, a global movement to help individuals rise up rested and create a well-rested world. She is the author of the book, DARING TO REST: Reclaim Your Power with Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation. Karen has written for Yoga Journal, MindBodyGreen, Best Self Magazine, and hosts the Daring to Rest podcast.

Her book, DARING TO REST, has been called a “masterpiece,” “simply brilliant,” and a 40-day program that “makes yoga nidra relevant and accessible to 21st-century women, who may need this practice more than any previous generation.”

At, Karen has created an online Academy for women to live and share rest around the world, training women on virtually every continent in yoga nidra "sleep" meditation and the Daring to Rest method.

A community organizer for a decade, Karen is also the playwright of Birth, a theater-for-social-change piece that has been performed in over seventy-five cities around the world and raised over one million dollars to improve maternity care.

She is the mother of two boys, ages 20 and 18 years old, one who has had significant learning challenges since the age of three. She met her husband in the Peace Corps and considers the world home.


Episode highlights

  • Martyrdom in motherhood

  • Type A personalities and how Yoga Nidra is the perfect antidote

  • Beauty of rest

  • We can still achieve - rest gives us a foundation so we can rise.

  • The ‘Well Rested Woman’ vs the ‘Worn Out Mother’ vs ‘The Wild Woman’

  • Making a commitment to rest

  • What is rest?

  • Resistance to rest

  • What is Yoga Nidra

  • The 40 day programme Karen offers and how it aligns with traditional postpartum practice of rest.

  • Rest champion

  • How resting is a gift to your kids AND yourself

  • Daring to Rest Academy

  • Inner work of parenting

  • Benefit of taking a Yoga Nidra class/coaching with a trained practitioner


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