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This is something I am deeply passionate about - supporting women to be fully prepared for their postpartum nest.

This package includes:

1 x 1 hour consultation either in person or on Zoom where we can discuss the following:

  • We will cover a Mindful Pantry approach. Preparation is key for ensuring you are nourished by whomever will be pitching in to cook your meals in the postpartum period so we will discuss what to stock your pantry with. Some foods are not readily available in the supermarket so we will cover where you can source the base ingredients for nourishing, healing recipes. You may feel like this is something you can do once the baby arrives, but, take it from me - you will not have the headspace to start ordering foods and planning your pantry items once your baby arrives.

  • How to stock your freezer with meals ahead of your baby’s arrival - we can establish a plan of how you will tackle this batch cooking in the latter stages of your pregnancy.

  • Gentle, flexible guidelines based on Ayurvedic and Chinese approaches to nourishing the new mother with food and herbs and how we can incorporate this into YOUR plan with flexibility.

  • How to organise a meal train with your friends and family.

  • Asking for help and working through any resistance or challenges you may have and how to prepare for this. I will send journal prompts for you to work through so you can try and work through these before your baby arrives.

  • Formulate a list of tasks you will need help with once the baby arrives.

  • 1 x meal plan for the first week postpartum and a framework for the dishes to include in the following weeks.

  • Ideas for foods and drinks in labour and first meals after the baby is born including options you can take to hospital or have brought to you in the hospital.

  • Access to a private Facebook group for mothers on a similar journey to you with expert assistance from Alison.

Following the call, I will send an Inventory as part of the Mindful Pantry together with recipes which we have discussed on the call.

1 x 30 minute follow up call (to be used within 1 month of the first call) to discuss any queries you may have.

Unlimited email support for a month following our initial call.

Please note the advice will be generic in nature unless Alison has taken your full case history.

I would like to have a call with you AND another family member or support person. You can not be responsible for mothering you, this needs to be taken care of by either a family member or hired support. I would like to educate your support team so you can have the best support possible.

I would also love to hear how and when your little one lands Earth side so please do stay in contact.



If you feel you need more personalised nutrition advice, we can discuss the options on the calls. Any follow up calls to further discuss postpartum planning will be offered at a discount of £90 for 1 hour.