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1:1 Coaching Package Details

What’s included?


  • You will first be sent a detailed health questionnaire by email. This will be followed by a 2 hour case taking consultation either in person or by Zoom where Alison will listen further to your story and gain a deeper understanding of your personal circumstances and your desired outcomes. Alison will then spend 1-2 hours of research outside of the consultation before providing a personalised report.


  • 3-month 1:1 Coaching Package - 3 x 1 hour calls monthly by Zoom with a final call at the end of the 3 months to reflect on your progress and continue vision casting - total of 10 x 1 hours calls.

  • 6-month 1:1 Coaching Package - 3 x 1 hour calls monthly by Zoom with a final call at the end of the 6 months to reflect on your progress and continue vision casting - total of 19 x 1 hours calls.

  • Both packages include regular check in with unlimited email support for anything outside of the calls - with 24 hour response time.

  • Option of functional laboratory testing and professional grade supplementation, as needed (costs of lab tests and supplements are not included but Alison’s interpretation of any tests is included in the package).

  • Mindful Food Shopping - knowledge of food origin, quality and composition.

  • Mindful Cooking - materials created specifically for you including recipes and meal guidance including how to incorporate suggestions around your life circumstances.

  • Self care practices to nourish and nurture you, including self-care rituals, gratitude, meditation and mindfulness practices based specifically on your specific journey.

  • Bespoke reading and listening recommendations tailored to you - activities that will enhance your journey.

  • Recommendations for various complimentary therapists who I have used personally to support my wellbeing including reflexology, cranial osteopathy, hypnobirthing practitioners and massage therapists.

  • 10% discount on nutritional supplements.

  • Access to a private Facebook group where you get more expert knowledge from Alison and community support from women on a similar path.

  • A surprise gift from me to support your journey.

Pregnancy Package

This package addresses health concerns by trimester including gestational diabetes, fatigue, anaemia, mood and sleep, infections, heartburn, and more.

The same framework of services set out above apply to the Pregnancy Package. However, the packages are offered as either a Basic Package (Initial consultation and a total of 10 calls) or a Premium Package (Initial consultation and a total of 19 calls).

I like to have a call at the beginning and end of each trimester to prepare you for the next trimester and to discuss how the past trimester has been for you. Other calls can be scheduled if needed. In the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, you may find that certain months are more challenging than others, or you begin to feel the need simply to check in more frequently — we will schedule accordingly. This is YOUR time so we can use it in the way that works best for you.

I use one of the scheduled calls to discuss a Postpartum Plan so we can craft this together; ideally in the second trimester so you have time to plan for the important postpartum period.

If we begin working together further along in your pregnancy, we can either schedule sessions more frequently, or we can continue meeting into the postpartum period. If we meet for all 10 sessions prior to delivery and you wish to work together, additional sessions will be available at a reduced rate, or you can book the Postpartum Package at a discount.


Basic Pregnancy 1:1 coaching package - £1,600 (paid in full) or 3 monthly payments of £566

Premium Pregnancy 1:1 coaching package - £3,000 (paid in full) or 6 monthly payments of £516

Pay up front bonus - an extra 1 x hour call with Alison.