Photo by Lisa Bretherick

Photo by Lisa Bretherick


I support mothers to rest and then rise.

In a society where so little attention is given to the Mother, I bring the focus to you, the Mother - whether you are already a mother, or on a journey to become a mother.

This time of our lives is sacred and we deserve to thrive.

As a Daring to Rest Yoga Nidra facilitator and nutritional therapist, I give mothers the permission slip to rest deeply so they can take off their exhausted mama cloak and and find their superpower: their energy and sparkle for life again.

I am committed to promoting social change one Mother at a time.


photo by  Lisa Bretherick

My approach

I share my nutrition and wellbeing approach here.

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My Journal

Follow my blog where I share various thoughts on motherhood, self care, self love and, of course, nutrition nuggets in relation to supporting mothers in their journeys through pregnancy and postpartum.


My Philosophy



Let’s celebrate the presence of food in our life, cultivate joy and peace around those food choices and nourish our bodies with nutrient-dense, whole foods.

My work focuses on 6 pillars of wellbeing

Nourishment, Self Love, Balance,

Connection, Movement, Creativity

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People often think nutrition is a confusing topic because of the latest fad diets and theories on the “best” ways to eat. These “diets” miss a key component: tuning into your unique body and the signs it gives you about your food choices. I invite you to explore nutrition from the perspective of your body - with your heart, not your head. I can work to reconnect you with your body and to understand what your body and soul need to thrive.

Nourishment is also more than just food. What are you really hungry for?

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Self love

I believe everyone deserves the right to accept and love themselves. We can only take action on lifestyle changes and improving self care when we truly love, value and respect ourselves. Why? Because we are more inclined to invest in something we think is worthy and deserving. Our bodies are our home. They are us.

When people struggle to accept and love themselves, they also struggle to be kind to themselves. If we don’t respect ourselves, why would we invest in our wellbeing? Eating healthfully is one of those ways we are kind to ourselves.

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I support you to achieve balance in your body and mind. Your whole self.

I believe in a focus on balanced, healthful and energy sustaining practices and particularly a balance around food.

I work with you to find the balance that works for you.



In all of the noise around nutrition, I believe we have lost connection with ourselves. What does YOUR body want? The more we tune in and connect with ourselves, the more we become aware, and sometimes recognise, what it is we need, or what is causing a particular imbalance. I can gently guide you to ask yourself the right questions so you can reacquaint yourself with your inner navigation. There is also a wider connection to our community and other mothers.



I support a mindful, conscious movement approach undertaken with love and compassion for what our bodies need at that moment. This may look different day-to-day and at different times of your monthly cycle.



I truly believe everyone is creative in their unique way. Creativity can be journalling, art, singing, dancing or whatever speaks to you. Studies show that creativity decreases negative emotions, reduces stress and anxiety and improves medical outcomes.

Creativity can bring a deep sense of fulfilment and can be woven into our self care practices.


Hi, I am Alison. I am so pleased you are here.

I am a mother to 2 girls and passionate about supporting mothers.

My focus on nutrition and wellbeing has evolved since having my daughters. I have radically changed my life to be in alignment with what nourishes me as a mother and nourishes our family.

I am inspired by the approach of empowering women to listen to their innate wisdom to make sustainable changes to bring their bodies back into balance on whatever journey they are on, whether that be preconception, fertility, postpartum or as busy mothers.

This blog is about sharing my journey in motherhood and my vision of creating communities where women can feel supported and connected so they can show up as their best version, for themselves and their family.

Interested to know more about my background and approach?

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